If our regular store hours do not meet your needs, we can open earlier to accommodate your team building experience.

We offer several


Team Fun Package (Total Time: 1 hour)

- Your group will play our escape games (one game per participant). MAX of 17 participants for this package per hour. If you have more than 17 participants, we can have hourly rotations built into the schedule. These rotations will allow us to have as many participants as you would like.

Team Party Package (Total Time: 2.5 hours)

- Your group will play our escape games (one game per participant) and also spend an hour in our "party space." We will set up tables and chairs for you if you would like to bring in food, drinks, or make a presentation. We have a 50" monitor and WiFi available to you. MAX of 17 participants for this package.

Team Plus Package (Total Time: 4 hours)

- Your group will play an escape game, spend an hour in the "party space" (see above for details), and then play a second escape game - for a total of two escape games per participant. MAX of 14 participants for this package. 

We also offer a team-building pop-up game where we can come to your office, school, or event. For more information, click on the button below:

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Why Choose Team Building?

Did you know that escape games develop powerful team building skills in a fun, problem solving environment? If you have a business, club, or organization, then you should take advantage of our team building package. Escape games are EXCITING ways to promote communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and listening skills in a fun, immersive experience. Everyone is sure to remember this outing!



Teams will need to communicate efficiently during the timed game. The better the team learns to communicate,the quicker they can solve the puzzles and progress through the game. This is a real-life skill that is very powerful in a work setting. 

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Each player brings something unique to the team. Some participants are great at logic puzzles while others are more observant. Teams need to collaborate on puzzles in order to succeed.


Listen to Each Other

The skill of listening is crucial during escape games! This is a group game so everyone's ideas should be heard. After all, someone might know how to solve the puzzle!