We welcome all types of parties! Birthday, Graduation, End of the Year, Anniversary, Engagement, Bridal, etc. We frequently get questions about our party packages, so we wanted to highlight some of the important information here in a Q & A format.


Q: What are your different types of packages?

A: We offer one package. The price is for 12 players (including the guest of honor). All party packages are for Sunday only. Choose your time: 11am - 1:15pm, 2pm - 4:15pm, or 5pm - 7:15pm

The package includes the escape room and access to our "party space" (pictured below) where we set up tables and chairs for you to use. The packages also include a t-shirt and invitations (if needed).

Q: What if I have less than 12 players for the party?

A: The price you need to pay for is 12 players. If you have less players, it will still be the same price. Due to room capacities, we can not accommodate more than 12 players.

Q: What is the best age for a children's party?

A: From experience, we have noticed that the best minimum age for a birthday party is 12 years old. 

If requested, we can also modify the game. This means that we can make some aspects of the game a little easier, such as allowing the children to receive unlimited hints. While booking, let us know if you would like modifications. We strongly suggest them if the players will be under 12.

Q: Is it too scary for kids?

A: "Summerfield Place" is considered family friendly and well lit. "The Vampire's Lair" has mildly creepy parts, but we can modify it to be less eerie by request.

Q: What is the maximum amount of players I can have for a party?

A: The most players we can accommodate for a party is 12. We also will set up tables and chairs for you in the lobby. 

Q: Can parents stay during the lobby?

A: We recommend that they don't just so there is enough space available in the party space. McIntyre's Pub is in the same plaza as us and a lot of parents elect to go there to hang out while they wait for the party to be over. There is no viewing area to watch the escape game. Escape games are meant to be private.  

Q: How do we handle food/drinks?

A: You are responsible for providing your own food and drinks for the party. Many parents choose to have pizza delivered for the party. We can recommend local pizzerias to you. We do not have access to any refrigeration, heating, or freezing - so please make sure your food items to not require it.  

Q: What is the pricing for your party package?

A: You can find information on our party package and pricing by clicking here.  

Q: How do I book?

A: Email us at EastCoastEscapeRoom@gmail.com and provide us with the day and time you are interested in. Give us as much information about your intended event as possible. If that date and time is available, we will respond to you with instructions on how to book your party. If it is not available, we will let you know and make other suggestions. If you have further questions, you can also call us at 732-864-1200. When you book your event, we require that you leave a deposit. 

Q: What if some of the people have already played these escape games?

A: We recommend putting those people into a room they have not played yet. If they have already played all of the games, we strongly advise that you explain to them not to spoil any answers to the game.