So... WHY should you play an escape game?


Escape games place you into an immersive world in which you and your group are responsible for completing the task at hand in order to succeed and win! How cool is that? Whether you have 2 players or 10 players, you get to interact with your friends or family in a fun way! 

The general concept of escape games is to find keys and codes around our themed rooms and unlock boxes and cabinets that will present you with new puzzles or tasks to complete. You will try to work through all of them in the room and conquer the objective. You have one hour!

It is truly something different to do. Every escape game is unique - so no matter which theme you choose, we can guarantee it will be a different experience every time. 

Work together, figure out combinations, complete hands-on tasks in the room, and conquer the objective. 

Escape games are great for your brain! They make you think in out-of-the-box ways. Some puzzles are mental, while other require you to physically do something (but nothing too tough!).

If we haven't convinced you yet, here is an article to read about escape games:

Still not convinced? Check out our FAQ page for more information. You can always contact us too for more questions. We love to chat and can help find you a room theme that will best suit the needs for your group.