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What is an escape room?
It's a FUN, real life adventure game using clues, keys, codes, and hands-on tasks! You and your team will assemble inside of a themed room and have 60 minutes to complete the objective. Are you up for the challenge? Perfect for date nights, girls/guys night out, family fun, team building, birthdays, celebrations, & more!

Three exciting games to choose from:

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The Vampire's Lair
A team of local vampire hunters has disappeared. You manage to discover their last known whereabouts. It is currently unknown what the vampire's weakness is. It is up to you to finish what the last group could not.
Up to 8 players
More players allowed by request
Most Difficult Game
One Hour

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Summerfield Place
During dinner, a family has vanished from their own home. Neighbors have reported hearing strange noises and seeing bright flashing lights coming from the home. You and your team of detectives must unravel the mystery. Their fate is in your hands...
Up to 8 players
More players allowed by request

One Hour

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The Christmas Exchange (Beginning Mid-November)
You have discovered that your group may not be making it onto the Nice List this year. You decide to take matters into your hands and find where Santa keeps the notorious Nice List in the North Pole. Your goal is to successfully infiltrate and swap out the real Nice List with a fake one without being caught. *Please note - this is a completely different game from our previous "Naughty or Nice" game. All of the puzzles are extremely different. In addition, no previous knowledge of Christmas information is needed to do well in this game.
Up to 6 players
One Hour


$28.50 per person
(prior to sales tax)

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